How the Hoverpen is made to perfection?

How the Hoverpen is made to perfection?
“Don’t dream of being perfect, work for excellence instead.” - Dr T.P.Chia
This question is not right in my sense, I will prefer to say it is an example of excellence which achieved by young entrepreneur from Taiwan. Who worked out with passion, perseverance, love to create an identity symbol.
Working to create an excellent product has been a challenge for many. Our designers from Taiwan feel otherwise. Out of pure passion and love these designers created a status symbol to awe and get inspired. Doing things that will make extraordinary align their goals has been critical to achievement of Hoverpen. So at those at Novium are working extra hours to create a masterpiece that inspires many.
Talking about masterpieces, those at Novium are being driven by pure passion and excellence. Hoverpen serves to inspire owners and onlookers alike. It is a product that itself is inspired by science-fiction and Space exploration.

The origins of the Hoverpen

Hoverpen starts with a clean slate wherein a long piece of metal of either aircraft-grade aluminum or Titanium is machined in definite shape. Some of premium suppliers of Novium- company behind Hoverpen- supply raw metals which are then machined into desired shape. Cartridges are made in Switzerland while refills are made by Schmidt of Germany. Hoverpen is made at the same facility as Apple products. No surprises that Hoverpen lasts for over a century.
Hoverpen making with extensive skills

The design processes

Design of Hoverpen is inspired from aerospace objects like space ships and air planes. There are clean lines and approach is minimalist. Pen is made such that gripping feels like satin or silk. Refills has enough ink that can last for over 3000 meters. Tip of pen is made from Silver-Nickel while other part of cartridge is made from stainless steel. The shaft fits snugly into the hole meant for it. The pen along with pedestal and refill are part of one package. Refills, if gets exhausted can be reordered so that writing never stops. Entire set can last for over a century.

Actual process of making

Once design of the pen has been finalized then materials that make the pen are used creating the final product. There are more than 103 complex processes that are involved to create the Hoverpen. Metal is ground, painted and worked upon until the desired shape and size has been achieved. Hoverpen is available in metals - Aluminum and Titanium. Once final product is ready it is finished with either sine or Matte finishing. Sandblasting is done in order to give it a look that matte finish products have.
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