We think everything is possible, and what we take for granted now may not be the same in the future.

So, instead of following the routine, why not challenge it and give it a try?

With this belief in mind, we continue to challenge the development of new and different objects, and we believe that novium's designs will inspire you.

novium's footprint

novium is a Taiwanese brand, our products are sold in 70 countries around the world, and we have distribution agents in 7 countries. The journey has only just begun, and we will continue to explore and create a path to the world.


noviums are bred from unique populations.


The floating self-supporting pen series broke the 2018 Taiwan pen fundraising record and the 2020 Korean pen fundraising record. Through crowdfunding, tens of thousands of pens were shipped to 70 countries around the world.


Patents and Awards

Self-supporting pen series has patents in many countries

Won Muse Design Gold Award 2020

Won the DFA Merit Award 2020


An adult's masterpiece

The self-reliance pen [Interstellar] has been selected as a special product of the "adult's excellent product" by Shogakukan magazine, a diplomatic gift for the Presidential Office visit, a joint product of Snoopy and Husto with Peanuts comics, and placed in the Korean Moonfire drama ( Secret Forest 2, Alice, etc.), Japanese variety shows, etc.

from Taiwan

All our products are designed and manufactured in Taiwan. Each part is made by Taiwan's precision metal processing factory. From the original metal block, it is cut, ground, painted, anodized, assembled, and it needs two molds to be cast at high temperature. A total of 103 complex processes are required. Process, in order to achieve a beautiful experience floating on the desktop.

Unique challenges, keep going

In the future, we will continue to challenge the development of unique and novel objects, hoping to give you a different choice, to show your unique self together with you, and to go out of the ordinary.