How to be a better Gift-giver

How to be a better Gift-giver

According to a recent study, 50 per cent of shoppers reported feeling distressed when having to buy a gift. The finding offers us no surprises; in an era where our gifts are not only to be appreciated by the recipient (already hard on the pulse), we are now sure that it will also be posted on social media and the like, where everyone we know will have a take on the gift as well. In such an era of implicit judgement, it is hence pivotal to learn the tricks to navigate through all the bedlam of gift-giving and become a good gift-giver.

One would say that to be a good gift-giver has something to do with genes: some people just seem to be instinctively better gift-giver than all of us. But with great effort, scientists, evolutionary biologists, psychologists, sociologists and people practicing all other 'isms’ have collectively wasted their time, and have finally zeroed down on certain features which if embodied, will make one a great gift-giver, a better gift-giver than most of the others. They are as follows:

Be Practical While Give You A Gift:

Our first instinct when it comes to gift-giving is to be distinctively grand: let us gift Jimmy Choo’s sandals worth Rs 95,000, let us gift the newest dress-line Prada has launched – they will surely be happy with the grandness of our gesture!

Turns out we should not trust our first instincts to be a better gift-giver. A research study compared the satisfaction of gifts which are of day-to-day significance, and gifts which are one-time experiences (tickets to an amusement park and like). Turns out, people end up appreciating the gifts that they can use in day-to-day life, since it reminds the receiver of the gift-giver every single day, deepening hence the ties of affection that bind them. However, it does not mean that giving any ordinary everyday gift like a book or a cup will make you a good gift-giver. A gift must entail within itself the quality of being practical while being grand. An everyday product that is so unique in its essence, that the ordinary itself becomes extraordinary.

Seems like this feature is defined by the Novium Hoverpen. A pen, is a product with day-to-day usage, without which one cannot do either in the area of academics or in the boardroom of the corporate world. But grand and unique too, a possession not everyone can possess owing to its meteorite-inlay edition and hovering feature. Novium’s smooth flow due to its design, its easiness to hold because of being made from metal, and its gravity-defying tech which lets it be perched on its magnetic pedestal that lets a person be free from all tension of losing a pen – everything about it speaks practicality, defying its general perception as merely a luxury good. The Novium Hoverpen hence ticks the first criterion.

Give Gifts Which Give Satisfaction Over Long-Term:

Again, those Taylor Swift concert tickets would be appreciated only for the time being, and may in fact even cause tension if the recipient starts to change his musical tastes later. On the other hand, no one in all of human history has a record of developing animosity towards pens.

The Hoverpen’s practicality has been detailed above. Yet we have to also consider its place as an experiential object. A pen made of metal, holding an actual meteorite or adorned with an 18-karat gold ring, a magnetic pedestal which lets it defy the laws of gravity that govern the rest of matter – the Novium Hoverpen ensures that the receiver will hold the centre of attention everywhere he or she goes to, be understood as a person of what the English used to call ‘good breeding’ in the Victorian era, and would make you a better gift-giver in their eyes. Because when people flock towards the Hoverpen, give appreciative glances and shower questions towards the holder with inquisitive affection – be sure, the recipient of the gift will thank you in their deepest heart

Be Simple:

Okay, you decide to gift the best seats to the Metallica concert. But that puts the onus on the recipient now – he or she has to take out their car and get to the concert, make sure that they or cancel all their potential plans of that day so that you won’t feel hurt that they didn’t make use of your gift, and spend a lot of money and time in this process. The Instagram stories won’t tell you this, the things to avoid to be a better gift-giver.  But they secretly wish you hadn’t gifted them all this inconvenience. In reality, a receiver expects a gift-giver to give them a simple gift, which does not mean that it should be any cheap ordinary universal gift, which can be easily found in almost everyone’s possession, but the fact that the gift shouldn’t be a bearing on the receiver, constantly demanding them efforts or further monetary investment to sustain the survival of the gift.

In accordance with the features enlisted above, The Novium Hoverpen is a gift of remarkable simplicity. It requires no special care or maintenance costs on the part of the receiver, and yet gives him the maximum utility for the product. Moreover, it is a pen – everyone knows how to use it, there is no boring manuals to pore over, and it will always be useful. As Kevin Roosevelt sang ‘Let us keep it simple’, and it is just as good an advice in gift-giving as it is to approach life.

Be Personal:

The person who receives a gift should feel that the person who has given the gift has put some serious thought behind giving the gift and had not just done a last-minute hatchet job by running to the convenience store. There needs to be a unique aspect to the gift given, a unique something that makes you a better gift-giver. It must capture the essence of the receiver and the gift giver’s view of the receiver.

For someone you hold to be in extremely high regard, unparalleled in the value they hold in your eyes, priceless as no other, the gift should be remarkably unique. What is more distinct than holding a priceless piece of the universe itself in your hands? The makers of the Hoverpen obtained the Muonionalusta meteorite at an auction from a member of the IMCA (International Meteorite Collectors Association). The Muonionalusta meteorite landed in northern Scandanavia over one million years ago, making it the oldest meteorite on Earth. And now the Interstellar 2.0 edition of the Hoverpen will have a piece of this unique celestial body embedded in it. No two pens will have the same pattern thanks to a special acid process used to bring out the details of the meteorite and the imperfections etched by space and time itself. Every Meteorite pledge will receive a unique numbered card with information on their extremely special pen and its origins.

Now if that doesn’t show some thought, what does?

Be You While Gift Giving:

The last super essential trait to be a better gift-giver, which can perhaps make you the best is to think from another, the recipient’s point of view. His or her likes may be completely different from you, may seem trivial to you, but you have to get in their mental frame and take it seriously to get the best gift for them. This is another bit of nonsense which has been accepted as sense due to endless repetition when it comes to gift-giving.

In fact, scientific studies show that a gift which more fully reveals the ‘giver’s authentic self’ is a more, desired gift than a gift which hopes to capture the ‘giver’s idea of the receiver’s self and interests.’ This is because of obvious reasons – we know what we like better than we can guess what another person likes. And since this person is a friend of ours, and since that most probably means he or she appreciates our taste in things, it would also mean that they would appreciate the gift that you select with your taste. This is a safe bet because you don’t want to end up giving them a gift trying to embody their mental space, and then discovering that they couldn’t care less for it. The person will start to have serious questions about your relationship, and your idea of them. So better be on the safe side, and end up giving what you like. Moreover, there is very little scope for you to wrong with a pen. A pen that defines glory, richness and uniqueness in its everyday experience.

These are hence five ways you can be a better gift-giver, and all of them point towards the Novium Hoverpen, the crest jewel in the confederacy of pens.