Redefining Richness: A Gift like no other

Redefining Richness: A Gift like no other

The act of gifting is a process of dual nature. On one hand, it is to gift someone what they like, which is to estimate the value and interests of a person with regard to their own individuality. On the second hand, it is to give someone what we estimate the person to be in our own eyes, that is to say, this is what is best for you according to my idea of you. Hence a gift is a piece of conversation made real – in the act, both the giver and the receiver attempt to answer the question around which all human discourse centres ‘Who are you?’

Who are then, our loved ones, to us? They are beyond the range of the market for us, a relationship for which estimating a price would disgust us rightly. This is because they are priceless to us, to see a miracle of life in flesh and bones is only visible to the eyes that love them. And hence a gift that we give to such a person should answer the question ‘Who are you?’ and conclude that ‘You are special beyond compare’.

The purpose of Gifting

What is a gift that speaks these words? In the modern world of commerce, there has been a levelling effect of the egalitarian thought. It can think only in terms of purpose, recognizing standards in only binaries such as ‘expensive and cheap’, ‘useful and useless’ and so on. This is good enough for a world of machines, but since we live in a world of humans, we cannot offer such standardized products as gifts to our loved ones. Our gift must be something special, arising above the mere utilitarianism that thinks alike and hence make us feel alike.

Our gesture of love should not be something that’s widely available in the market or conceived collectively on Pinterest. A gift which is universally available is pertinent in everyone’s possession and is ordinary, everyday and routine, which goes against our very expression of ‘you are priceless to me’ towards our loved one. After recognising such a shortcoming, the next gigantic step is to hunt for such a gift that goes beyond the notions of being commercial and easy to find. However, here’s some news of relief for you, you don’t need to put your brain cells under stress, let us sort you out by revealing the best expensively unique gift you can gift your beloved: The Novium Hoverpen: the expensive pen set.

Hoverpen - Defining the value of a gift

The Novium Hoverpen is a palisade against the vulgarity of commercialism that equalises everyone. It is unashamedly ‘elite’, adorned as it is by a piece of the Muonionalusta meteorite, metallic in its constitution, and defying gravity. No two people would hold the same Novium Hoverpen: the most expensive luxury pen, for thanks to a special acid process the uniqueness of each piece of the meteor can now be highlighted, and each buyer will receive a unique numbered card with information on their extremely expensive luxury pens and its origins. The aluminium carrying case of the Hoverpen is also a sight in itself, explicitly signaling it to be an anomaly in the Lebenswelt of modern culture.

Why this uniqueness?

The egalitarian asks, ‘Why to go through so much trouble when you can write with any pen?’ And the answer is that Novium Hoverpen, like all high culture, looks above. The reason why many of us have an ingrained distrust of modern displays of wealth is that such wealth merely magnifies what is done at the cheapest level: snacks at high-end cafes end up tasting just the same (or in some cases, even worse) than what you get at the street-side. Dresses like torn jeans merely end up appropriating street culture for a high-end audience, giving them the experience of being ‘raw’ instead of acknowledging their true bourgeoise position, hence creating a big-con game: people end up paying high prices to pretend to be what they are not. We call these goods ‘expensive’, not ‘valuable’, because there is no value to respond to them – they are goods appreciated only because of a price tag, and hence people who buy them strike us as superficial.

But the Novium Hoverpen is an item of value, telling you of expensiveness and luxury. With its gravity-defying uniqueness, enshrined in gold or with a piece from a celestial body, the Hoverpen asks us to look above towards transcendence rather than entrap us in the daily sphere with just more expenditure. As a gift, the Hoverpen speaks of a need to enlarge the human experience. Of course, anyone can write with any pen, but could Michelangelo have conceived of his greatness without the canvas of the Sistine Chapel?

 A Pen that defies gravity

The Novium Hoverpen, the most expensive luxury pen, with its value and elegance, reminds the person holding it of the responsibility thrust upon him/her – that being gifted this extraordinary work of art, one now has to spill ink on paper to accomplish extraordinary things with it. It reminds the individual that the laws of the material world are not a limit – the pen in defying the laws of gravity itself, proclaims this is so. Hence, the individual is asked to transcend all time and space, as only one can do with the magic of text.

There is of course a purpose to why we do things, but one of the reasons why we do things is because there is an inherent dignity in certain ways of doing them. The sleek nature of the Hoverpen, holding its metallic constitution besets a dignity in itself to the process of writing, making writing a pleasurable exercise on its own. We must remind ourselves that the same Robert Conquest who exposed the terrors of the Soviet regime also wrote with his pen nonsense limericks, and there is no indication that he saw the latter as any less important than the former. To write with the Novium Hoverpen is a joy in itself, making writing a pleasurable exercise of its own for the user.

Money is a means of exchange, it cannot but have a purpose beyond itself from which it derives its meaning. Apart from food, clothing and shelter for which every human being vies, the other purpose must be transcendental. It is to see the world as a whole, animating it with the meaning that we respond to when we hear the melodies of Bach or read a great book. But in the beginning, as the Bible tells us, was the Word. And for the Word, there must be a transcriber. And nothing fits this purpose of making meaning of our universe than trying to capture it with a pen that holds, quite literally, a piece of the universe. Among the gifts that everyone can buy, none stands quite as unique as the richness of the Novium Hoverpen, the most expensive pen set anybody can own.

It is luxurious, with its cost creating a market for only a few. But the market is of those who believe that love must mean something special and that any amount of money spent on capturing this special essence is money well spent. The Novium Hoverpen is hence worth every cent of its making and delivers the perfect gift to make your love made felt to your near and dear ones.