Hoverpen 3.0 Future Edition - Fountain Pen Made of Metal Luxury Pen Best Christmas Gifts for Men & Women

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Color: Mist Blue

Mist Blue
Deep Black
Frost Silver
  • ✅ The Centerpiece on Your Desk: Inspired by human ingenuity and engineered to defy gravity. Hoverpen 3.0: Future Edition is an allusion to humankind's infinite potential. Balancing on a pinpoint at a 60 degree angle, an occasional glance will wash you with a wave of Zen-like calm from its minimalistic, futurism-inspired design.
  • ✅ Spin to Inspire: As it gently bobs through the air, let the Hoverpen's gravitational freedom inspire you to pursue your own impossibilities. With its frictionless contact, a simple twist of a suspended Hoverpen can keep it spinning for up to 30 seconds in gorgeous, dynamic motion. Effortlessly revolving in the air, Hoverpen was designed to evoke wonder and daydreams, as a spinning Hoverpen seems suspended in time.
  • ✅ World's First Hover Fountain Pen: Let Hoverpen's silky ink glide across your page with impeccable grace. Crossing the technology of the future with the richness of history, our all-new fountain pens are created by the Germany company Schmidt, known for centuries of exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail, they are also the supplier for the fountain pen tips for the Montblanc.
  • ✅ Last to Decades: The cartridge of the Hoverpen is completely refillable, making it a more environmentally sustainable, affordable option for budding writers. Hoverpen's cartridges are compatible with any ink jar and fill with a single pull.
  • ✅ A Luxury Gift of A Whole New Level: We've taken Hoverpen up a notch, literally. Enthroned on a taller pedestal, Hoverpen Future Edition is our most visually striking Hoverpen yet. Its raised platform is precisely angled to make drawing your pen a smooth, pleasurable experience. It's a perfect gift for people who already has everything.