Hoverpen 2.0: Premium Luxury Pen - Mars Magma (Limited Edition)

Rs. 15,999.00

Color: Mars Magma

Mars Magma

Ink Color: Blue

Hoverpen 2.0 takes fine writing to extraordinary new heights. This premium luxury pen combines space-age magnetic levitation technology with exquisite craftsmanship to create a gift that leaves an eternal impression. The perfect way to upgrade any executive office.
  • Impresses with Futuristic Mid-Air Floating Design
  • Opulent Metals and Hand-Polished Details
  • Powered by Concealed Magnetic Technology
  • Feather-Light Precision for Ultimate Writing Comfort


Pen Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminium / Bronze
Base Material: Zinc Alloy
Closure: ‎Magnetic
Colour: Mars Magma
Ink Colour: Black / Blue
Point Type: Fine
Refill: Schmidt - Mine 635 M


Why Hoverpen is Truly Special?

Hoverpen liberates writing in a way no ordinary pen can replicate. Its advanced magnetic system enables effortless gliding across the page with feather-light precision, free from friction, powered by engineering brilliance. This hover flow cushions beautifully smooth pen strokes, facilitating uninterrupted flow between mind and page.

The technology makes the pen an extension of you, helping writing feel less mechanical and more magical. It disappears, yet meaning has never felt more within reach. Each word finds fluidity previously unfelt, as if your very thoughts breeze to the page.

Invest in the craft of writing - give your words the medium they deserve. Hoverpen takes more than writing utensil - it perfects a craft, becomes part of your identity, transforms fundamental human connection through written words.

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